The Customer Journey and the Matrix

Is your organization devoted to the customer journey? Consumers never buy products, features or benefits. They buy transformation.   But before we dive into the nuts and bolts of the customer journey… For my fellow Matrix geeks, Neo’s transformation was complete when he was forced to confront Agent Smith on his own for the first […]

The Top 5 Reasons Not to Use Facebook Messenger for Business

I know what you’re thinking, what messenger platform? If you have a Facebook app, you may have noticed that you can no longer send or receive messages directly on the app but on a second Facebook owned app called Messenger. Just like Facebook, Messenger started out as more of a social utility to connect with […]

Our New Mobile Reality

Recently several leading Charlotte digital marketing agencies were invited to a Google event. The topic? “Google Tips for Optimizing Your Mobile Strategy.” A Google employee who specialized in everything mobile was on hand, and what we learned was surprising. The event began with a simple question from our speaker: “Will everyone please unlock your phone […]

The Answer is Yes

I’m often asked, “What should we doing when it comes to our online strategy? Should we concentrate on social media, Adwords, SEO, landing pages, YouTube video or all of the above?” My answer is always the same: “Yes.” I get the same puzzled look. Then I ask a question. “What would you like to accomplish […]

When Google Speaks, Listen

On March 2017 2015, Google informed the digital marketing world that they will be expanding the use of “mobile-friendly” as a ranking signal for all languages worldwide and, more importantly, that having a mobile-friendly website will have a significant impact on your website’s Google Search Engine Results. This was a not-so-subtle warning that if you […]