The Customer Journey and the Matrix

Is your organization devoted to the customer journey? Consumers never buy products, features or benefits. They buy transformation.  

But before we dive into the nuts and bolts of the customer journey…

For my fellow Matrix geeks, Neo’s transformation was complete when he was forced to confront Agent Smith on his own for the first time. But it was Morpheus that took Neo through the “customer” journey. Before Neo’s transformation could ever be considered, he had to be made aware that he was, “The One.” To his peril, Agent Smith eventually learned what that meant. Neo’s transformation was now complete.

The goal of a great sales message is to simply articulate the current state – before the purchase is made and the, “after” state – how you’ve improved their life. You want to take them on a journey from chaos to calm to advocate.

Your advocates aren’t touting your products or services, they’re not bragging to their friends or colleagues about the amount of money they saved when they made the decision to work with you. They’ve become advocates because you’ve transformed their issue from a problem to a solution that surpassed all of their expectations.

This transformation isn’t a B2C or B2B transformation, its H2H – “human to human.”

As humans, we are driven by how we feel. The more a company can tap into these emotions, the more successful they’ll become. At the top of the list – vanity, ego, and peace of mind.

For this to work, the organization needs to have a proper customer journey sequence, subtly moving the customer through each stage before moving to the next.

There are literally hundreds of examples of the customer journey. I believe the best example has been authored by my friends are Digital Marketer. They have created eight stages of business intimacy that takes the customer through each of the stages with a specific goal in mind before moving to the next.

The stages include:

  • Awareness
  • Engage
  • Subscribe
  • Convert
  • Execute
  • Ascend
  • Advocate
  • Promote

Here’s a summary of each phase.


The prospect has been introduced to your organization, on or offline.


They’ve found you via search engine results, guest blog post that takes them to your site or social media properties. They’ve had an opportunity to learn more about you – and like what they’ve seen thus far.


Now, they’ve simply opted in to a landing page or provided their contact information on your website’s Contact Form.


They bought something. More importantly, a transaction has taken place.


The customers had a great experience. They’ve learned to trust and like you.


That great experience has resulted in the customer buying multiple products at a higher price point.


These customers are now willing to participate in case studies or testimonials.


These advocates have now gone on to tell their friends about their transformation. You’ve become their go to company for this product or service because you’ve succeeded in transforming their negative issue to one of tremendous satisfaction.

The organization’s mission is to successfully navigate its customers through these stages at a higher rate. The better you get at this, the more successful you’ll become.

Just rinse and repeat…

For more on the how I-ntellect develops customer journeys that takes prospects from “awareness” to “advocates,” email, complete our WORK WITH US FORM” or call 704-593-6288.


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