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We’re digital marketers with “Entrepreneur DNA.” In the last 20 years, we’ve advised clients through financial crisis as wealth managers and developed strategies to increase an international telemedicine company’s membership from 30,000 to 400,000 members worldwide and through it all, we’ve always been marketers. We understand the value of vision, execution and know that plan “B” has gotten us to the finish line more often than not.

We believe that you have to be somewhat fearless to be a great digital marketing partner and when things go wrong, sometimes the answer isn’t obvious immediately – but you’ll always find it if you look hard enough. A great partnership ultimately comes down to trust, and we’ll always keep our part of the bargain.

As an digital marketing agency, we believe that our best work is ahead of us. Our enthusiasm for your project and commitment to investing the necessary resources to meet your company’s desired goal is what drives us every day. We’ll always meet your enthusiasm to achieve success with our own.

Its About,"Why"

Successful digital marketing strategy is a combination of art, science and sociology. Analytics should always be the starting point for a digital marketing strategy but it won’t tell you the entire story. We agree that the better the analytics are, the better our targeting is but we won’t hide behind data for data sake. Sometimes it’s not about the numbers, it’s about the, “why.”

“Why” data analytics, the human factor and context and have to be utilized in every successful digital marketing strategy. “Why” Mrs. Jones from Kansas City books her travel online regardless of the time of year versus Mrs. Smith from Chicago will only book through a travel agent during the Winter months.

Regardless of the, “why” that impacts your company’s customers, we’ll utilize a combination of art and science to help you find yours.


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You can’t find a better partner than I-ntellect. They are laser focused on business results. Their team thinks strategically about all your objectives and helps companies embrace 21st century marketing.

Nancy Irwin,
Partner - Voccii

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