Go From a leader to THE LEADER.

We combine digital marketing strategy, brand development and business acumen, guaranteeing you an online voice much larger than your company that connects with your customers.

Strategy for What will Happen

Leverage the future first.

For those who believe digital outreach is vital to compete and win, organizations trust I-ntellect to deliver practical applications, manage risk and drive results. The world of digital marketing changes rapidly and far too often companies are attempting to execute strategies for what’s already happened. We believe the opportunity for businesses of all sizes to succeed as never before is now. I-ntellect develops digital strategies that allow organizations to take advantage of, “what will happen.”

When decisions are made and preferences shaped.


We live in a new reality where businesses must be present when ever and where ever consumers are searching for information or to make a purchase. To increase their level of success, companies must begin thinking in terms of “micro-moments.” This is when potential customers and clients are most open and accepting to brands to search for information, make a purchase or hire a service company.

Much of today’s data reveals that consumers don’t care as much about who they’re making the purchase from. Today, it’s about who gets to them first with the best quality product that is reasonably priced. I-ntellect designs strategies that allow clients to take advantage of these 24/7/365 opportunities.




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Data Driven Curiosity.

Our Process


Great vision can be instinctual but we’re driven by data-driven insight, market-perspective and decades of c-suite decision-making. We’ll reinforce your company’s mission through competitive and market related decision-making, then navigate confidently toward the KPI’s that positively impact your business.


With the data gained from market insight, we’ll work with your team to develop a cohesive plan. Here is where we create a your company’s strategic road map.


Now that we’ve asked and answered the tough questions, have clear strategic objectives with data to support our goals, we launch. We’ll make adjustments when necessary but remain focused on developing a repeatable process that generates measurable growth for your organization.

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